3rd Field Day (Reusel, The Netherlands)

August 24-26, 2023

3rd Field Day (Reusel, The Netherlands)


VDBORNE organized the Precision Farming Days on August 25 and 26, 2023, with a special session for VIPs in the afternoon of the 24th. In this event, precision agricultural machines, sensors, robots, software, and drones came together for growers, professionals, students, and the curious. More than 50 suppliers offered their solutions in booths and fields and gave more than 20 demonstrations to over 650 visitors.
VDBORNE provided the WeLASER consortium with a large booth and a 37×15-m2 field with maize and sugar beet plants to exhibit the WeLASER weeding system. WeLASER partners gave talks (CSIC, LZH, UNIBO) and conducted demos (CSIC, LZH, FUT, AGC, UNIBO) in the morning and the afternoon of the farming days.


View of the Farming Precision Days

Introducing WeLASER

Introducing the demo (1)

Introducing the demo (2)

WeLASER at Work (1)

WeLASER at Work (2)

Evaluating the laser effect

Training (1)

Training (2)