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Ildar Rakhmatulin and Christian Andreasen

A Concept of a Compact and Inexpensive Device for Controlling Weeds with Laser Beams

Agronomy 2020, 10(10), 1616


Giuliano Vitali, Matteo Francia, Matteo Golfarelli and Maurizio Canavari

Crop Management with the IoT: An Interdisciplinary Survey

Agronomy 2021, 11(1), 181


Ildar Rakhmatuiln, Andreas Kamilaris, and Christian Andreasen

Deep Neural Networks to Detect Weeds from Crops in Agricultural Environments in Real-Time: A Review

Remote Sens. 2021, 13(21), 4486.


Christian Andreasen, Karsten Scholle and Mahin Saberi

Laser Weeding with Small Autonomous Vehicles: Friends or Foes?

Frontiers in  Agronomy, 07 March 2022


Giuliano Vitali, ,Marco Arru and Eugenio Magnanini

A Scalable Device for Undisturbed Measurement of Water and CO2 Fluxes through Natural Surfaces

Sensors 2023, 23(5)


Luis Emmi, Roemi Fernández, Pablo Gonzalez-de-Santos, Matteo Francia, Matteo Golfarelli, Giuliano Vitali, Hendrik Sandmann, Michael Hustedt and Merve Wollweber

Exploiting the Internet Resources for Autonomous Robots in Agriculture

Agriculture 2023, 13, 1005.


Duc Tran; Joachim J. Schouteten; Margo Degieter; Janusz Krupanek; Wanda Jarosz; Alvaro Areta; Luis Emmi; Hans De Steur; Xavier Gellynck

European stakeholders’ perspectives on implementation potential of precision weed control: the case of autonomous vehicles with laser treatment

Precision Agriculture (June 2023)


Margo Degieter; Hans De Steur; Duc Tran; Xavier Gellynck; Joachim J. Schouteten

Farmers’ acceptance of robotics and unmanned aerial vehicles: A systematic review

Agronomy Journal (July 2023)


Christian Andreasen, Eleni Vlassi, Kenneth S. Johannsen and Signe M. Jensen

Side-effects of laser weeding: quantifying off-target risks to earthworms (Enchytraeids) and insects (Tenebrio molitor and Adalia bipunctata)

Frontiers in  Agronomy, 2 November 2023


Cordova-Cardenas, R.; Emmi, L.; Gonzalez-de-Santos, P.

Enabling Autonomous Navigation on the Farm: A Mission Planner for Agricultural Tasks.

Agriculture 202313, 2181.


Cortinas, E.; Emmi, L.; Gonzalez-de-Santos, P.

Crop Identification and Growth Stage Determination for Autonomous Navigation of Agricultural Robots.

Agronomy 202313, 2873.