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Ildar Rakhmatulin and Christian Andreasen

A Concept of a Compact and Inexpensive Device for Controlling Weeds with Laser Beams

Agronomy 2020, 10(10), 1616


Giuliano Vitali, Matteo Francia, Matteo Golfarelli and Maurizio Canavari

Crop Management with the IoT: An Interdisciplinary Survey

Agronomy 2021, 11(1), 181


Ildar Rakhmatuiln, Andreas Kamilaris, and Christian Andreasen

Deep Neural Networks to Detect Weeds from Crops in Agricultural Environments in Real-Time: A Review

Remote Sens. 2021, 13(21), 4486.


Christian Andreasen, Karsten Scholle and Mahin Saberi

Laser Weeding with Small Autonomous Vehicles: Friends or Foes?

Frontiers in  Agronomy, 07 March 2022


Giuliano Vitali, Marco Arru and Eugenio Magnanini

A Scalable Device for Undisturbed Measurement of Water and CO2 Fluxes through Natural Surfaces

Sensors 2023, 23(5)


Luis Emmi, Roemi Fernández, Pablo Gonzalez-de-Santos, Matteo Francia, Matteo Golfarelli, Giuliano Vitali, Hendrik Sandmann, Michael Hustedt and Merve Wollweber

Exploiting the Internet Resources for Autonomous Robots in Agriculture

Agriculture 2023, 13, 1005.


Duc Tran; Joachim J. Schouteten; Margo Degieter; Janusz Krupanek; Wanda Jarosz; Alvaro Areta; Luis Emmi; Hans De Steur; Xavier Gellynck

European stakeholders’ perspectives on implementation potential of precision weed control: the case of autonomous vehicles with laser treatment

Precision Agriculture (June 2023)


Margo Degieter; Hans De Steur; Duc Tran; Xavier Gellynck; Joachim J. Schouteten

Farmers’ acceptance of robotics and unmanned aerial vehicles: A systematic review

Agronomy Journal (July 2023)


Christian Andreasen, Eleni Vlassi, Kenneth S. Johannsen and Signe M. Jensen

Side-effects of laser weeding: quantifying off-target risks to earthworms (Enchytraeids) and insects (Tenebrio molitor and Adalia bipunctata)

Frontiers in  Agronomy, 2 November 2023


Cordova-Cardenas, R.; Emmi, L.; Gonzalez-de-Santos, P.

Enabling Autonomous Navigation on the Farm: A Mission Planner for Agricultural Tasks.

Agriculture 202313, 2181.


Cortinas, E.; Emmi, L.; Gonzalez-de-Santos, P.

Crop Identification and Growth Stage Determination for Autonomous Navigation of Agricultural Robots.

Agronomy 202313, 2873.


Emmi, L.; Fernández, R.; Gonzalez-de-Santos, P.

An Efficient Guiding Manager for Ground Mobile Robots in Agriculture.

Robotics 202413, 6.


Beata Michaliszyn-Gabryś, Joachim Bronder, Wanda Jarosz, and Janusz Krupanek

Potential of Eco-Weeding with High-Power Laser Adoption from the Farmers’ Perspective

Sustainability 2024, 16(6), 2353;


Andreasen C, Vlassi E, Salehan N, Johannsen KS and Jensen SM

Laser weed seed control: challenges and opportunities

Frontiers in Agronomy 2024, 6:1342372


Janusz Krupanek, Pablo Gonzalez-de-Santos, Luis Emmi, Merve Wollweber, Hendrik Sandmann, Karsten Scholle, Duc Di Minh Tran, Joachim Jietse Schouteten and Christian Andreasen

Environmental performance of an autonomous laser weeding robot—a case study

The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, April  2024


Michaliszyn-Gabryś, B.; Bronder, J.; Krupanek, J.

Social Life Cycle Assessment of Laser Weed Control System: A Case Study.

Sustainability 202416, 2590.