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2 μm high-power fibre-laser source for weed control

This innovation comprises a high-power Thulium fiber laser operating in the 2 μm wavelength range. A fast modulation concept allows precise energy pulses for highly efficient weed treatment. The robust design and new power supply concept enable the operation on autonomous robots. An innovative pump and cooling concept minimize the energy demand of the laser for the weeding process (by FUTONICS LASER GmbH).


Improved power system for autonomous robotic platforms for weeding with laser.

AGREENCULTURE is an agricultural robotics SME that is applying its know-how in robotics and integrating the AGC Box for positioning and “Safencing” as well as using several tools for farm management, such as new intelligent tools and laser weeding (by AGREENCULTURE).


A smart navigation manager for autonomous robots in precision agriculture

This innovation integrates control and navigation strategies both onboard the robot and in the cloud. It enables navigation throughout the whole farm, not limited exclusively to the crop field and integrates different Artificial Intelligence methodologies to identify various types of crops, including wide and narrow crops (by CSIC).


AI-based laser weeding implement for highly flexible weed control in variable crops and weed situations

The implement is designed for multi-row single plant treatment in crops with various row distances utilising combined laser scanners on linear stages. This design enables fast targeting and treatment of single plants. Furthermore, the laser can be applied at different angles for optimal treatment of dicot or monocot plants. The work areas of neighbouring scanners can be overlapped for patches with high weed density. The linear stages are also key to adapt the system to different row distances. The beam forming characteristics of the scanners are used to minimise the nominal ocular hazard distance (NOHD) of the laser device which is highly important with respect to regulations on laser safety (by Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V.).


EFENCE – an LP-IoT scalable field border system for surveyance & safety

The EFENCE is a set of cameras designed to increase the safety of a robot operating in open areas. It is developed with a low-power IoT design that allows it to survey the field edge and alert the surveyors of any intrusion or robot failures that bring it near or outside the field edge. The cameras provide real-time snapshots and can also supply time-lapse pictures of a cropped field in a working area, thus providing remote imagery through the cloud.