Toulouse, France

AgreenCulture is a startup founded in 2016 based on Navontime technology. This technology is a cost efficient and reliable GNSS RTK. All founders brought their aeronautical skills to farming robot including safety management.

AgreenCulture is now a robot manufacturer specialized in systems design, reliable positioning, safe guidance for smart farming. The company is working in developing in partnership several dedicated robots for vineyard, orchards or corn with big expert companies like Pellenc, Kuhn or Syngenta. The company employees 25 people. Most of the team are dedicated to development.

AgreenCulture has been awarded “Robot of the year 2018” by AI.ven with Centéol robot. In 2018 the company received an award by ESA for its safe and accurate GNSS system.

Christophe Aubé – President of Agreenculture