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Merve Wollweber

Laser applications for sustainable plant production

IIRB – International Institute of Sugar Beet Research; online seminar

Göttingen, Germany

4 May 2021


Giuliano Vitali

Internet of Things (IoT) in Environmental Physics

Societa Italiana di Fisica- 107 National Congress

Bologna, Italy

13-17 September 2021


Merve Wollweber

Thermische Beikrautbekämpfungstechnologien für die konservierende Bodenbearbeitung“ (Technologies for thermal weed treatment in conservation soil cultivation)

Fortbildung Pflanzenbau 2021, Landesbetrieb Landwirtschaft Hessen, Bildungsseminar Rauischholzhausen (Online seminar)

Schloss Rauischholzhausen, Ebsdorfergrund, Germany

9-10 November 2021


Merve Wollweber

Unkrautbekämpfung mit dem Laser“ (Weeding with lasers)

4. OptecNet Jahrestagung

Hanover, Germany

24-25 November 2021


Christian Andreasen, Mahin Sabari, and  Ildar Rakhmatulin

Weed control with laser beams using autonomous vehicles: pros and cons

World FIRA 2021

Toulouse, France

7-9 December 2021


Jesus Herrera, Luis Emmi, and Pablo González-de-Santos

Enabling navigation for autonomous robots in early-stage crop growth

World FIRA 2021

Toulouse, France

7-9 December 2021


Merve Wollweber and Tammo Ripken

Laser Weeding – A New Technology for Sustainable Weed Management

SLPC2022 -The 4th Smart Laser Processing Conference at Optics & Photonics International Congress (OPIC 2022).  Yokohama, Japan

18-22 April 2022


Christian Andreasen, Ildar Rakhmatullin, Mahin Saberi and Zixiao Zang

Weed control with laser beams: an ecofriendly alternative to herbicides and mechanical weed control

4th International Conference on Photonics Research”

Muğla, Turkey.

April 22-28, 2022


Christian Andreasen, Mahin Saberi, Karsten Scholle, and Pablo Gonzalez-de-Santos

Laser Weeding with an Autonomous Vehicle

19th European Weed Research Symposium, “Lighting the future of Weed Science”

Athens, Greece.

20-23 June 2022


Luis Emmi, Jesus Herrera-Diaz and Pablo Gonzalez-de-Santos

Toward Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation in Early-Stage Crop Growth

ICINCO 2022: 19th International Conference on Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics

Lisbon, Portugal

14-16 July  2022


Luis Emmi, Rebeca Parra and Pablo Gonzalez-de-Santos

Digital representation of smart agricultural environments for robot navigation

HAICTA 2022: 10th International Conference on ICT in Agriculture, Food & Environment

Athens, Greece

22-25 September 2022