Van Den Borne Projecten BV (VDBP)

Reusel, The Netherlands

Van Den Borne Projecten BV is the innovation department of Van Den Borne Aardappelen, a family farm in Reusel, tilling in the Netherlands and Belgium. Van Den Borne Borne is an active member of Zuidelijke Land en Tuinbouw Organisatie, (ZLTO), the Southern Netherlands organisation of 13.000 farmers with 9.000 farms. ZLTO is one of the three organizations that work in the federation LTO Nederland (50.000 Dutch Farmers) and a member of Copa Cogeca, the European farmer organization.

Jacob Van Den Borne makes his company data available through his website VanDenBorneAardappelen.com, flies drones over his fields, uses satellite data and is researching, analysing and visualizing soil scans and yield data. After more than 10 years experimenting and applying precision farming at scale Jacob co-founded on his property the Practice Centre for Precision Agriculture, an official Smart Industry Fieldlab, with the goal to help suppliers and colleague farmers discover benefits in using technology and data to better understand nature and get more sustainable yields. Van Den Borne is an innovator in different agricultural sectors (arable, feed production, robotization) on different themes (Precision Agriculture, Data-Driven Farming, sustainable fertilization, irrigation, renewable energy, sustainable plant protection techniques, new products and innovative commercialization).

With ZLTO, Wageningen Research, Technical University of Eindhoven, HAS University of Applied Agricultural Science, Technical University Delft, vocational schools, Van Den Borne cooperates in Practice Centre for precision Agriculture, where demonstration research is organized and 160 farmers in Innovation Groups are challenged to innovate. He is the founder of CloudFarm for precision data is now used by Fendt dealer Mechanical Group as a high-end farm management system. Furthermore, the 180 fields farm totalling 500 ha managed by 8 people has its own fully live operational intelligence dashboards.

Apart from the Farm and Practice Center, Jacob van den Borne owns LoonwerkGPS, which provides soil health maps based on EM conductivity (Dual EM) and he is an initiator of Kempenglas: glass fiber cooperative for 1000s of households in the region between Eindhoven and Tilburg.

VDBP will bring the expertise gained in the EIP-AGRI Focus Group Precision Farming and Operational Group Controlled Traffic Farming.

Paul van Zoggel